Augmented Reality:

The placing of digital content or media in a virtual layer on the physical environment. These could be hidden interactions that are unlocked using an AR app.


Aurasma is another AR app that allows for interactive content creation.

AR Cell

AR Cell is an example of content created by a teacher/student. This was done using Daqri and published to the app store.

Elements 4D

This augmented reality app will allow your students to work with the elements in an interactive manner. The Elements 4D website also has lesson plans waiting for you to check out for K-12, broken down by level.


Daqri allows for free educational accounts.
Create AR experiences for your kids.
Better yet – Have your students create the experiences!

Anatomy 4D

Anatomy 4D was created by the Daqri team. When you use this app, you have capabilities to look at all the different systems of the human body. You can choose different sets of systems to view at any one time.

When creating an AR experience, you will want to know what your audience should experience.

Creating a flow chart of what they should encounter, be able to click on, view, or interact with will help speed up your workflow and make creating the AR project easier.

What images, videos, audio files, and/or 3D models are you wanting your audience to see or hear?
Get those organized and put into a project folder for easy access.

You will want to find a high resolution image with high contrast to use as your trigger image.

This may be student work, a page in your school newspaper or yearbook, or an image that relates to your content area being taught.

Begin following the steps to buildout an AR project. This is done on the website for whatever app you are using.

Both Daqri and Aurasma have an interface for building out projects. They look different, but the process is the same.
(If you get mixed up during this stage, use the help buttons and click on the little ? buttons for assistance.)

In order for anyone to see your AR experience that you built, you will need to publish it!
Make sure you publish the final project in order for it to be public to the world. :)